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Okei Beautiful

Crimson Crush ❤️ Fall Press-On Nail Set (Short & Narrow)

Crimson Crush ❤️ Fall Press-On Nail Set (Short & Narrow)

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Fall Collection

Hand-made press-on nail set. All sets come with a nail kit which includes:

-cuticle pusher

-mini file

-alcohol wipe

-lint-free wipe

-sticky tabs

-nail glue

-cuticle oil


*DISCLAIMER: I am an artist, therefore inspiration photos are interpreted by me and my work may differ from the inspiration photo. I also may not have the exact same hues and shades in the photo. An inspiration photo is only a guideline, it is not going to be identical. If I am replicating an existing design, each set is unique and will be individual. I will make it as close to my original set as possible but it may not come out identical due to it being hand made.

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