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Okei Beautiful

Custom Fall Press-Ons🍂

Custom Fall Press-Ons🍂

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Fall season is upon us! Get your custom fall press-ons.

Step 1: Decide if you want a freestyle set (my design choice) or have an inspiration photo of what you want.

Step 2: Select your length.

Step 3: Add to cart & finalize the order.

Step 4: If you choose to get a set based off of an inspiration photo, send a photo of the set you would like to get to Include any details you want to see.

Step 5: Get your sizing kit if this is your first time purchasing from me or if you are getting a different shape than you have gotten before.

*DISCLAIMER: I am an artist, therefore inspiration photos are interpreted by me and may differ from the inspiration photo. I also may not have the exact same hues and shades in the photo. An inspiration photo is only a guideline, it is not going to be identical.

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